Mad Tribe - They Came From Uranus


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People of earth, attention! This is a voice speaking to you from thousands of miles beyond your planet….what was it? Where did they come from? It was Mad Tribe and they came from Uranus, to bring you their latest sound wizardry…travel  through time bending and mind altering frequencies and let yourself be taken on a mystical journey back to Uranus. 


- 💎 3 randomly picked users will receive 1 signed vinyl collector’s edition copy of Mad Tribe’s first album “Spaced Out”, a double album with 2 colored vinyl discs + 1 Mad Tribe reflective poster.

- 🖼️ All buyers will have a 2 week early bird view of the official release cover of the track, with live updates as the cover is made in order to be present throughout the artistic process.

-  🔑 All buyers will have exclusive access to a virtual meet and greet event via Zoom.

- 🖼️ NFT cover design is exclusive to this NFT.

- 🎟️ 3 randomly picked users will receive 1 free ticket to the Mad Tribe show of their choice (depending on availability & buyers location).