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Foreign Beggars have long been the one UK hip hop act most closely associated with bringing the UK bassweight.

'Modus' is a pristine example of why Metropolis and Vulgatron spit their characteristically classy bars amidst Alix Perez footwork breakdowns and extreme sub-low rumblings.

🎉 20th Anniversary
This Digital Collectible begins the celebration of Foreign Beggars' 20th anniversary including 15 limited edition foreignxforeign t-shirt numbered in the Modus purple colourway. 👕

Written and recorded in Los Angeles.

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Mamamamamamamama modus, ma modus, ma modus, focus,
No time for no jokers
Leeches going no locusts
No amount of rights wrong this,
Blank pages some grown shit,
Fat beasts with that chrome glint
No backpacking just dope shit
I'm in overdrive yall know the score,
Don't he scratching no overchore
Stay humbling, I'm rumeking(?)
(I) Got a family cuz I'm over yours
Flagga bong with no tag of lungs
My clan belongs up in great heights
We're at the front here tryna go clear
Of a straight run and no fake height
My opus, opus, fuck with racking my progress,
Fuck with their back up project
Love racks so much I must protect it
No sweat remember so fresh
Getting pro-cheques I must profess,
But most of those men sound like some old deal
Prolatch we must protest it,
Protest though I hate now uh,
What the man gotta say now huh?,
What the substance grows the mops flops what many more man gonna break down huh
Its a shake down, line em up and imma straight clown
Great scholar my face crawling
And damn boy know im damn down

Ma Modus Ma Modus
Ma Modus
Ma Modus
Ma Modus

Mamamamamamamama Modus, ma Modus, ma Modus, Focus
No time for no jokers,
No time for no posers,
More time im on overdrive
Hold the mine im all over yours
Ghost ridden no poltergeist
Overdrama your overchored
Mama roads at them trenches,
Turn them unholy,
2 chains and then 3 chains or even more chains cant hold me,
No axel no foley
Their rapping under them phonies
Yea go back to my birthplace
And scold those who try and scold me,
Didn't choose rap rap chose me
Always back in these cold streets
Hold back against no traction
Prozac and then show me
The path to enlightenment
Justified by the motif
No hand in it all stackin it
Always handin em proceeds
We break it down
(Break it down)
Breaking down those barriers
Embrace those
(Embrace those)
Embrace those who tryna carry us
As God is my witness
Imma take down these frenemies
Our soul street united
So fuck what you tryna sellin me

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